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Jyotirmoy was Started on 1988 January Doctors Clinic Physiotherapy.
Body Massage Parlour was started on 2001.
Vibra Slim was opened in 2007. Idea was of Shyamal Saha.
  1) 16000 Satisfide Customer.
  2) 5 - Center.
  3) 0 - Loan Company.
  4) Hi Fi Facilities.
  5) Certifide Company.
  6)Become 16 Years We Give Qualiti Product.

7) Technology Ledership - First Brand Launch Was Butterfly Massager ,Neck Massager ,Vacuum Cupping Set Breast Enlargement & Sona Belt etc.

  1st Fare, 2nd Fare, 3rd Fare.
1 and 1/2 month, Including Body Massage, Therapeutic, Blood Circulation, Accupressure, Hydrospra Vibration Therapy, Infra Therapy.
  All these Machines are sold and repaired here.
Obesity, Thyroid, Fat reduction, After Seazer treatment, Breast gain, Pain relief, Glamour treatment, Relaxation body massage, Ayurvedic herbal aroma, Accupressure massage, Vibration massage, Blood circulation massage, Body calourchage treatment, Sugar Control , Cita pain, Knu pain, Joint pain problem, Nuro problem, Body Konity, Sawna steam, Water vibration spa(1hp speed), Dillo treatment (for ladies with the helloy vibration infined) etc.
  Chinese have unbelievably improved in Olympic games. Whereas average life expectancy of the Indians in only 60 years the same of Chinese is 80 years. Their glazy shining skin is the symbol of good health. A major reason for miraculous turn around of the decades of sleeping nation is the modernisation of their ancient traditional natural health care tretment. Their Herbs and instruments help tone up of muscles, lessen tension and stres, provides preaceful sleep augmenting good health. Recently the leading health care company VIBRATOR has extended health care buiness in india. The Company's slogan is :
1 It helps in toning up of muscles and keep the body fit.
2 It helps in beautification of skin.
3 It is effective in diseases like Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetis, Insomnia Arthritis, back Knee and other pains Constipation Obesity and may more.
  In this medical equipment the good effects of 4 therapies like Acupancture, Acupressure, Magnetism and Bio electricity have been combined. This is the result of 32 Scientists-doctors' 10 years of unrelented research. it has won the Einstein gold medal for the best invention of the year in 1990. Its effecacy is 98.4%. Probably except surgery effective in all diseases amazingly.
  Micro Computer operated belt helps in reducing fat, circulates bood, removes fatigue and stress and improves metabolic rate. It is useful available in market.
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